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Digital Wireless Audio Transceiver (SH-320)

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Digital Wireless Audio Transceiver (SH-320)

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SH-320 Digital Wireless Audio Transceiver
SH-320 operates in 2 modes, Master mode and Slave mode. In Master mode, SH-320 transmits and receives audio data simultaneously, In Slave mode, SH-320 basically receives audio data and can transmit at the same time when user uses a speaking function.

SH-320's Features

  • Two-mode in one device (Master / Slave)
  • Up to 6 simultaneous conversations
    Sequential communication with all personnel
  • High visibility LED display for call channel and charge status
  • Long service time with short charge time
  • Portable secondary battery compatible (up to 125 hours depending on capacity)
  • Light weight and small size for user comfort
  • High communication security and three-step security settings
  • For call channel and charge status operation status by beep sound
  • Micro 5Pin USB charging and cradle charging method enables individual charging simultaneous charging
  • User headset compatible (3.5mm 4 pole)


Frequency 925 ~ 937.5GHz
Service Coverage 300m (There may be differences depending on the usage environment.)
Maximum output 10mW (Max 100mW)
Operation time 8hours over
Charging time 3hours
Battery type Lithium polymer 3.7V 1,000mA
Weight 90g
Dimension(W x H x D) 48 x 119 x 17 mm
Channel 35Piece
- The above specifications are based on national frequency regulations in accordance with national frequency policy
- In case of using unauthorized foreign countries, the manufacturer does not take any responsibility.

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